Ivano-Frankivsk won the Europe Prize thanks to universities as well

The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Michele Nicolette, has declared Ivano-Frankivsk to be the winner of the annual Europe Prize. It happened thanks to Ivano-Frankivsk universities as well, which not only closely cooperate with many other European universities, but also broaden the horizons of public consciousness, and they are actively involved in the development of local democracy. The Precarpathian University is proud to have contributed to the receiving this prestigious prize by Ivano-Frankivsk. It is known that the Precarpathian University has actively been working in the pan-European space of higher education for many years. The Project-Educational Center “Agents of Change”, which was created at the university, together with local self-government bodies, has recently begun working on increasing the level of innovation and competitiveness of the region’s economy.

It should be mentioned that V. Stefanyk Precarpathian National University cooperates with many European universities. It implements several powerful grant projects for the Erasmus + K2 program. So a major factor for the development of national education at the university is, first of all, the partnership with the leading universities of Europe. And nowadays the university successfully implements interesting master’s programs of double diplomas, where a student has an opportunity to study in the leading universities of the Republic of Poland as well as in Ukraine. The Master’s program abroad for students of the Precarpathian University is free of charge. This is the main criterion for signing agreements with affiliated universities.

 Being a grant-holder of a major grant program within the Erasmus + program the university is involved in such educational programs as GameHub (the cooperation between universities and enterprises in the gambling industry in Ukraine), the GeSt project (for gender studies), ITE-VET project  (improving the practice-oriented training of teachers of vocational education and training) and many others.

Therefore, the international strategy of the university reflects its orientation towards training youth to live in a globalized world and cooperation with other countries in order to improve the quality of education.Ivano-Frankivsk