Our Students Won the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Robotics

The other day the second stage of the All-Ukrainian olympiad in robotics took place in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. This year 62 students from higher educational establishments of Ukraine took part in the olympiad.

The program of the second stage included two rounds. During the first, theoretical, round every participant did the test in robotics, electronics, programming, and also calculated the parameters of the operating systems and worked on the intellectual algorithms of the behavior of the robot.

In the second, practical, round the teams did the tasks connected with the building up of the existing model of the autonomous self-driving car at a scale of 1:10 – 1:18, which must find the right motion trajectory with the help of sensors and surveillance cameras without human interference.

One circle of the route was 70 metres long and had straight road sections, quick turns, ascents and descents. As explained by the organizers, this is Ukraine’s longest indoor route for the roborace. The winner was chosen in the competition among robots as per regulations of the Roborace association of robotics in Ukraine.               This time there were 10 circles in the final, and the best robot needed about 5 minutes to cover an almost 100-metre distance. The works that qualified for the practical round could predict a stable, autonomous riding, the availability of marker lights and kept up with the other essential requirements.

As a result of the qualification only 13 teams entered into the semifinal, where 8 finalists were chosen. Among the finalists there was also the team of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University which was represented by the students of the Programme Engineering department Oleh Rysniuk, Nazar Sav’yak and the student of the Software Engineering department Serhiy Khortiuk.

Following on from the results, the team of our students won the contest. The team’s supervisor was the associate professor of the department of Information Technology of the Mathematics and Informatics faculty Mykola Kozlenko, the advisory engineer – Maryan Fedirko.