The top 17 students received $1,000 scholarships

Today, July 20, the principal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Ihor Tsependa presented the winners of the competition from the Foundation of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Warsaw, Republic of Poland) with certificates for receiving annual scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each.

The scholarship recipients were: Olga Buliy, Svyatoslav Haruk, Anna Okhovych (Faculty of Natural Sciences); Veronika Ozarko (Faculty of Pedagogy); Khrystyna Struchynska (Law Institute); Bohdan Chepyga (Faculty of Economics); Inna Shcherbiy, Lyudmila Vakiv, Lyudmila Rusanova (Faculty of Philology); Maryna Blyschuk, Roman Rybchuk (Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations); Tadei Pylyachyk (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics); Andriana Kischuk (Faculty of Psychology); Inna Terletska, Nadia Abramchuk (Institute of Arts); Kateryna Kobuta (Faculty of Foreign Languages); Ivan Dadyak (IPODP).

It is worth mentioning that the students of our university are the only ones among the students of Ukrainian institutions of higher education who will once again receive scholarships from the well-known Foundation of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Republic of Poland). This became possible due to the bilateral Cooperation Agreement signed on June 12, 2018 between the Foundation of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Warsaw, Republic of Poland) and VasylStefanykPrecarpathian  National University (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine). The founder of the Fund is the chairman of the Program Council of the Central European Economic Forum (commonly known as the Central European Davos) Zygmunt Berdykhovsky.