Askold Lozynsky presented his books at PNU

On October 24 Precarpathian University hosted a presentation of four books by the prominent political and public activist, Head of the Global Congress of Ukrainians, head of the Foundation of Ukrainian free university, Askold Lozynsky. The books are called: “Dream, word, and action. To commemorate Volodymyr Yaniv”, “For the moskals are alien people…”, “Ukraine: slaying the two-headed eagle” and “They were nurtured by the pain for loss of Ukraine: the book about Yevhen and Maria Lozynskys’ marriage”. The event was attended by the managers of the university, lecturers, students of the department of history, political science and international relations, and the department of philology. The event was moderated by professor Ivan Monolatiy.

“My father comes from Tysmenytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. That is why this is our motherland. When the US and Ukraine play football, I always root for Ukraine. Since Ukraine got its independence, I have come here two hundred times. By background, I am a lawyer and a publicist, I write articles for students, young people on historic and legal subjects,” said Askold Lozynsky. “Why am I here today? Because I want to americanize the Ukrainian students. I think it is important that they should leave university and know English, and could speak to the whole world, and forget Russian. I present my books about the war events and the organization of the UN. One book is commemorated to Volodymyr Yaniv, who was the president of the Ukrainian free university. The last book is about my parents and their generation, who grew up between two world wars. At the end, I want to say the main thing, students, you must be a better generation. Those who were nurtured by the pain for the loss of Ukraine. For you, this war, your opportunities, knowledge and energy must be a motivation for Ukraine’s future!” said author.