PNU has its own Stefanyk-FM television and congratulates colleagues on their Professional Day!

“On the Day of Radio, Television, and Communication Professionals, the Department of Journalism of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University presented the student television studio “The Stefanyk-FM”. On this day, the audio version of the university anthem was also unveiled, and the Rector of PNU, Ihor Tsependa, participated in the charity marathon organized by the Television and Radio Company “VEZHA”. Thus, PNU now has its own TV!”

“Congratulations to the radio, television, and communication professionals on this special occasion. I am pleased to witness the growth in professional standards with the opening of the Stefanyk-FM television studio. I am convinced that you, as our future journalists, will not only enhance the beauty of Precarpathian Region but also contribute to the entire Ukraine. I want to express gratitude to your mentors, as without them, your formation would not have been possible. The concept of your education is based on having strong theorists and practitioners in the department, but most importantly, individuals who are eager to impart knowledge to you,” Rector of Precarpathian National University Igor Tsependa.greeted the students and lecturers/

According to the project leader, Associate Professor Irina Kopystynska, it was launched in October, and students have already produced five episodes of informational programs.