Transparency and honesty

Where money speaks, the truth is silent

The university provides a ‘hotline’ to contact the rector and a ‘helpline’

The university’s policy towards revealing and preventing corruption is based on the valid law of Ukraine, regulating legal and organizational guidelines on the functioning of anti-corruption system in Ukraine, on providing the legal pathway to apply the preventive anti-corruption mechanisms, as well as on the rules of dealing with the consequences of rights-violating acts, namely corruption. According to the rector’s order, the representative agent for revealing and preventing corruption in the university has been appointed. Contact information: Yurii I. Kostelei, the leading expert in revealing and preventing corruption in the university, tel. 067 343 38 05

Be aware that to inform of the corruption committed by the university staff you can send the email to the rector –, or contact the helpline – (0342) 59-60-24.