Happy Knowledge Day! Happy beginning of the new academic year!

Dear teachers, students, university staff! Dear freshmen!

Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year. Significantly, this holiday of science, enlightenment, wisdom and hope begins with a new academic year, which always means the discovery of a new and, at the same time, difficult road – the road to knowledge, new achievements, a new understanding and vision of the world around us.

First of all, today’s day is special for the freshmen who first cross the threshold of our Alma Mater. We congratulate you on the fact that you managed to achieve an honorary title – a student. Today you are starting your professional development. This academic year will be a special period for you – the period of new discoveries, interesting ideas, as well as mistakes and difficulties. Therefore, we wish you inspiration and perseverance to achieve your goals, success in conquering new educational peaks.

Today’s holiday – the Day of the beginning of the new academic year – is no less important for the graduates of our University, who make their first step in their professional lives. We wish you confidence in your abilities and ask to protect and enhance the traditions of your Alma Mater.

On the occasion of the holiday, we would like to express our gratitude to the teaching staff of the University for your daily work, selfless service to the chosen profession and education of the new generation of the Ukrainians.

On this day, we wish you all the good health, goodness, peace, new achievements for the benefit of the University, the Precarpathian region, our native Ukraine. Let every one of your day be filled with joy, happiness and warmth of human gratitude for good deeds.

University administration