University President Ihor Tsependa: “You are the generation who will lead Ukraine to a more successful development path”

Precarpathian National University celebrated Knowledge Day and the beginning of a new academic year. The celebration began with Divine Liturgy and benediction.  Approximately two thousand first-year students have been admitted to Precarpathian National University this year. It is the first time over the last eight years that newly admitted students outnumber graduates.  

The ceremonial service was conducted by Fr. Mykola Shymanskyi, who was assisted by priests from the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The ceremony was attended by University President Ihor Tsependa, the university administration, Inspection Board members, faculty and staff, first-year students and their parents.

Fr. Mykola Shymansky addressed the first-year students by saying, “Every person is endowed by God with a vocation. Today, the beginning of a new academic year marks an important stage in the lives of first-year students – pursuing their vocation. It is highly important that one’s true vocation is followed so that it will yield good results. To do that, one must gain knowledge, have a profession, and work in order to do good to society.”

University President Ihor Tsependa thanked the priests for the spiritual support they provide to the university, for fostering spiritual values and presented them with a book about Ivano-Frankivsk, which was written by the university’s faculty.

The Holiday Academia was the central event on Knowledge Day. It was attended by Roman Malanii, head of staff of Ivano-Frankivsk Region Council; representatives from the higher educational institutions in Ivano-Frankivsk;  a delegation of the university’s partners from the Republic of Slovenia – Danilo Zavrtanik, President of the University of Nova Gorica, and Vice President Mladen Franko.

The Holiday Academia began with the welcoming address from University President Ihor Tsependa; he greeted the first-year students who chose Precarpathian University to be their alma mater. Dr.Tsependa addressed the first-year students by saying, “Today is a special holiday – it is Knowledge Day, which not only marks the beginning of the academic year. Its significance is much deeper than that. Those who have knowledge are successful. Today, you are stepping onto a very important path and I want it to be successful for each of you. You are the generation who will lead Ukraine to a more successful development path”.

Traditionally, in the presence of all the guests, the University President signed Order no.1 “On admitting first-year students to the University community”. The first-year students who had been on top of admissions were the first to get their credit books.

The honorable guests also greeted the first-year students. “This stage will change your lives. May you be successful in studies and personal life”, said Danilo Zavrtanik, President of the University of Nova Gorica. “Take pride in the education you got at our schools. I am convinced that with degrees from Precarpathian University you will become decent followers of our traditions. May success attend you in following your dreams,“ said Ihor Zvarych, deputy head of Precarpathian University Inspection Board.

The event was concluded with a concert given by the university’s performance teams.