The Carpathian lynx is the Mascot of the University

The Carpathian lynx is now the mascot of the Precarpathian University. Today, it has appeared on our web-site and has been presented to journalists during the press conference. Mountains and rocks, including Mount Pip Ivan, where The International Scientific Center of the University “The Observatory” is located at the top, and on the slopes of which the lynx is repeatedly seen, are the places of strength from which the Precarpathian University seeks to see its new prospects. In particular, the opportunities opened for the University by the International Center of Student Youth Meetings of Ukraine and Poland in Mykulychyn. Igor Tsependa, Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, has informed the representatives of mass media about the state of implementation of these large-scale projects, as well as plans for commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the University and the 150th anniversary of its patron Vasyl Stefanyk.

 “Many universities choose a mascot to embody the spirit that is inherent in the spirit of their institution. We have been thinking for a long time what kind of a symbol can be inherent in the Precarpathian University? It must be relevant to the region and to what is urgent today. We have decided that the mascot of our university should be… the Carpathian lynx ”, – said Rector Igor Tsependa at the beginning of the announced presentation of the mascot, or as they sometimes say the informal logo.

Why a lynx? The Rector explained that this animal symbolizes supernatural vigilance of vision for scientific knowledge. Therefore, it is symbolic that people associated with such a talisman should learn quickly and thoroughly.

In addition, the lynx symbolizes wisdom, dexterity, strength, courage, endurance, enlightenment, illumination, surprise, the disclosure of secrets, love for truth. At the same time, it is a predator that can stand up for itself. The lynx is able to recognize errors and falsehood. The lynx can teach you how to use your life force quietly and effectively.

The Precarpathian Mascot will become an important symbol of success for various teams of the University. From sports to scientific. The mascot will be used to promote the Precarpathian University at all levels: presentations, souvenirs and advertisement.

The choice of such a mascot has been a cooperative work of the University staff and designers. The Rector of the University also said that nowadays, on the basis of the mascot, the symbols of the faculties and departments of the university were being developed. Igor Tsependa said that all these things should create a positive atmosphere around and inside the university.

«The Carpathian Lynx leads the Precarpathian University to a strategic goal! It carries the knowledge and helps to uncover the scientific secrets! ”, emphasized the Rector.

The Lynx is quite often used in emblems and coats of arms. In particular, in 1603, Italian scientists founded the “Academy of Lynx”, the purpose of which was the search for truth and the fight against prejudice. And on its emblem there was a lynx, which meant that knowledge would triumph over darkness and suffering. It is interesting that the most authoritative member of this academy was Galileo Galilei – an Italian physicist, mechanic, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician who made a significant impact on the science of his day. He was the first to use a telescope to observe celestial bodies and made a number of outstanding astronomical discoveries. “So, choosing the lynx as its talisman, the University hopes for good luck in the successful work of astronomers at the Observatory on Mount Pip Ivan, which is now being revived by the Precarpathian University together with the University of Warsaw,” assured the Rector.

During the meeting with media representatives, he shared the news about the current stage of the Observatory’s reconstruction projects. After all, this year should be crucial both for the PIMReC project “Adaptation of the Observatory for the Rescue Service” and for its satellite project – the construction of the International Student Youth Center of Ukraine and Poland in Mykulychyn.

Regarding the restoration of the observatory, the Rector noted that a lot of construction work is planned this year. At the same time, it is planned to acquire modern scientific equipment for the Observatory and launch it as a scientific object. In the future, the Rector said, the International Scientific Center “The Observatory” should start working.

Regarding one of the largest infrastructure projects of the University – the International Center of Meetings of Student Youth of Ukraine and Poland in Mykulychyn, Igor Tsependa said: “This is a state investment project that will become a pearl of the Precarpathian region!”

The search for opportunities for its realization lasted more than ten years, but only last year the funds were found and the construction of the Center started.

“This is a new and very interesting concept,” the rector said. The building in the form of Hutsul Citizenship fits into the mountainous landscape and at the same time it will be modern and large enough. The largest conference room of 450 square meters in the Carpathians will accommodate more than 350 people. It is planned to accommodate participants in 60 rooms. According to the concept of the International Meeting Center, it is a discussion club that will create a platform for communication between students of different countries in order to form a common vision of the future. Plus, it’s the creation of a modern IT Hub, the goal of which is to build a computer simulation platform when making management decisions for young leaders. The second element is a unique platform for the development of scientific and innovative practical (start-ups) cooperation, for discussions, seminars, conferences. The third element is a joint mountain journey in the Carpathians, which should integrate and bring together young people and young scientists from different countries in extreme conditions. This will also be facilitated by the activities of the International Scientific Center “The Observatory”.

While talking to the media representatives, the Rector of the university, Igor Tsependa, also shared plans for this year to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Precarpathian National University and to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his patron Vasyl Stefanyk, which will be celebrated by Alma Mater in 2021.

Presentation of the mascot of the Precarpathian University is here:карпатська-рись/