A book by our university professor Igor Kozlyk on the methodology of literary studies has been published in the Czech Republic

The methodological work of the Head of the Department of  World Literature and Comparative Literature of the Faculty Philology of the Precarpathian  National University, Doctor of  Philology, Professor Igor Kozlyk “Literary analysis of literary text / work in the context of modern interdisciplinary and intersectoral interaction” (2020) has been published.

The book was published by the Central European Center for Slavic Studies in cooperation with the Czech Association of  Slavic Studies and the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Faculty of  Philosophy of  Masaryk University. The book consists of two thematic modules, the first represents modern methods of interpretation of literary and artistic products, the second is devoted to the current methodological principles of literary analysis of literary texts in the professional field of literary science.

The book is published in Ukrainian, the content is presented in Ukrainian, Czech and English.The publication is addressed to the students of philology, graduate students, teachers of literary disciplines at universities . 

There is an electronic link to the book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NNDEs5RaH7HZf1bf9jKMRIwSO5362lJr/view?usp=sharing