University students have started studying the “Nanotechnology” module at the Summer School in Slovenia

The students of the Summer School, “Deep Tech Training with Impact on Entrepreneurship and Innovation,” have already familiarized themselves with the concept of Industry 4.0. They have now begun studying the “Nanotechnology” module at the first Summer School in Slovenia. The teachers from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University held lectures for the students. Liliya Turovska spoke about “Nanomaterials: Introduction,” covering the classification of nanomaterials, their properties, a historical overview, basic concepts of quantum physics, and the application of nanomaterials.

Volodymyra Boychuk presented a lecture titled “Graphene: The Magic of Carbon,” discussing in detail various allotropic modifications of carbon, their properties, and applications. The main focus of the lesson was on a new carbon material called graphene.

Bohdana Naidych introduced the topic “Semiconductor Nanomaterials in Renewable Energy Sources,” which explored the development of thermoelectricity and photovoltaics, methods of obtaining semiconductor nano-sized materials, their features, and practical applications.