Estonian colleagues share their experience of international marketing in higher education

Today, the seminar “Higher Education International Marketing” and the educational visit of Estonian marketers started at Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, which will end on September 7.

“Today, a seminar on international marketing in higher education is taking place, which is organized by our colleagues from Estonia at the Precarpathian University. They came to share their experience in organizing marketing of educational activities. This is exactly what is used in all areas of our lives. The event is also interesting because we invited rectors and vice-rectors of universities of our region. After the event, we intend to share more information and ideas with our employees. We will try to use all modern tools at the university,” said Valentina Yakubiv, the first vice-rector of the Precarpathian University.

During the speeches, the first vice-rector of the PNU, Valentina Mykhailivna, presented the university’s innovative approach to the implementation of marketing tools based on the acquisition of sustainable and strong competitive advantages, in particular, achievements in project activities, high rating indicators, active internationalization of the Precarpathian University and the creation of unique scientific platforms: the International Scientific Center ” Observatory” and the International Center for Student Youth Meetings.

“We organize cooperation in various fields, starting from education, ending with research in the field of economics and beyond. And our seminar today is an example of good international cooperation between the two countries, which we will continue in the near future. Together with our Estonian colleagues, we are here under the program of international cooperation, which is financed by the Estonian government together with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education”, – emphasized the head of the department of international marketing of higher education, representative of the Council on Education and Youth (Harno) within the project “Stairs to perfection: strengthening the effective and reliable system of higher education in Ukraine” Ero Lunurm.

At the end of the seminar, all participants were awarded certificates of increased competence in the field of marketing and the ability to effectively plan and create successful strategies or projects.