The charitable event “Do good with our own hands” took place in the Precarpathian National University

On December 16 the charitable event “Do good with our own hands” took place in the Precarpathian National University. The organizers of the event are the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Oksana Tsiuniak and third-year students of Ivano-Frankivsk college of the Precarpathian National University. Co-organizers of the event are associate professors of the university Mariia Kopchuk-Kashetska, Svitlana Dovbenko and first-year students of the Pedagogical faculty. The charitable event “Do good with our own hands” is held in the university for the sixth time.

At the charitable fair students of Ivano-Frankivsk college of the Precarpathian National University of the specialization “Primary Education” exhibited their self-made works which they had made at their lessons named “Methodology of hand-made works with practicum”.

Among the hand-made works there were pet toys made of threads, boxes made in quilling techniques, embroidered Christmas tree decorations. Students of the Pedagogical faculty presented sweets: tarts, cakes, etc.

To the charitable event there came rector of the university Ihor Tsependa, pro-rectors of the university, director of Ivano-frankivsk college Yurii Moskalenko, dean of the Pedagogical faculty Oksana Kondur, teachers and students of Ivano-Frankivsk college, Pedagogical faculty and workers of other structural departments of the university, representatives of mass media.

The sum of money which was gathered at the charitable fair ( 11000 hrn) the organizers of the event will transfer for the medical treatment of a 14-year old girl from Stefanivka village in Kalush region.

“Nowadays charity is being transformed into a life style, which enables to feel yourself a Human, it gives us the opportunity to look at the world in the positive and kind light. Let every our day fill with good actions. We are the creators of good events in the world”, said the organizer of the charitable event Oksana Tsiuniak.