Young scientist-biochemist Olha Strilbytska received a grant from a Max Planck Society (Germany)

Leading specialist of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Olha Strilbytska, PhD, received a grant for young researchers in the framework of the EIRENE Max Planck-Ukraine Cooperation & Mobility Grant program from the Max Planck Society (Germany) ( mps-ukraine/). Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science is a formally independent non-governmental and non-profit association of German research institutes, which carrie out fundamental research of both a natural and humanitarian fields and is financed from the federal and state budgets.

Within the framework of the grant received, our scientist will plan to conduct joint research with the scientific group of Professor Nikola Iovino from the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg (Germany). The research will concern the epigenetic mechanisms of regulation of lifespan and metabolism in the fruit fly Drosophila. This project is a continuation of many years of research by the scientific group, in which Olga works under the leadership of the associate professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Oleh Lushchak. The duration of the grant is 3 years. In case of successful implementation of the project, the Director of the host Institute may appoint a researcher from Ukraine to the Max Planck Partner Group. The work of the partner group in Ukraine will be financed by the Max Planck Society within the next 5 years.