Стратегії студентського підприємництва від професора з університету Східної Англії

Today, a lecture-discussion on “Student Entrepreneurship Development” was held at Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, with the director of the Student Entrepreneurship Center at the University of East Anglia and lecturer at the Department of Management in Information Technology, Finbarr Carter, visiting. Before the event, he met with the university rector, Ihor Tsependa, the first vice-rector, Valentyna Yakubiv, and an associate professor at the Department of Management and Business Administration, Iryna Hryhoruk.

The rector informed the guest about the International Youth Student Meeting Center of Ukraine and Poland in the village of Mykulychyn in the Precarpathian region and the International Scientific Center “Observatory” on Mount Pip Ivan. He also shared ideas for joint projects, startups, and hackathons with partners from England, which are very popular among students. He also informed the guest about the educational social rehabilitation program for war veterans called “Find Yourself!”.

“I want to thank you personally and the University of East Anglia for supporting our university! This is very important for us and gives us strength,” the rector said.

After the meeting, a lecture-discussion was held for students. Finbarr Carter shared the experience and practices of Great Britain in the development of entrepreneurial ideas. During the lecture, he detailed strategies for the successful launch and development of student projects, pointing out key aspects to consider on the path to success. He also listened to what interests our students, answering all questions and providing useful practical advice.