The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Invites the Precarpathian University to Cooperation

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) officially declared its intention to cooperate with the Faculty of Tourism of the Precarpathian University towards the development of tourism education. This has been stated in the letter of the regional UNWTO Representative from Europe Alexander Priante to the dean of tourism faculty, Professor Volodymyr Velykochii.

The World Tourism Organization, in particular, expressed a number of proposals as to the participation of the Faculty of Tourism in providing free access to faculty specialists’ groundwork in the framework of thematic courses and educational programs on tourism. On their part, UNWTO will give the possibility for teachers of the faculty of Tourism of free placement of educational and scientific groundwork on their online platform, conducting thematic webinars and trainings for the exchange of experience in order to introduce most effective approaches to the system of tourist education.

 “In our opinion, such cooperation with Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, the Faculty of Tourism will provide an opportunity to provide appropriate conditions of studying for those who want to work in tourism, and therefore – get jobs”, – said in a letter the regional UNWTO Representative from Europe Alexander Priante.

 “The proposal to the Faculty of Tourism of the Precarpathian University made by the representatives of an influential international organization engaged in the development of world tourism is an acknowledgment of the systematic and serious work of the university using the latest technologies, in particular in the field of tourism,” says Rector, Professor Ihor Tsependa. – “Thanks to the participation of the university in one of the largest European projects of the ‘TEMPUS’ program since 2010, its own distance learning system D-Learn was created. All disciplines of educational programs, according to which the educational process at our departments is conducted today, are provided with such online courses. Therefore, distance learning in today’s quarantine conditions is a customary matter for us. And all started with courses of tourist disciplines”.

  “Cooperation with the global organization of tourism for us is, on the one hand, the recognition of our 17-year’s activity on the international level, as well as it is a great trust and new challenges for our team on the other hand”, – said Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Volodymyr Velykochii.

Professor Volodymyr Velykochii also said that during the period of 17 years of activity the faculty prepared more than four and a half thousand experts of the tourism industry, who are successfully working in different regions of Ukraine and abroad (in the countries of Eastern Europe, France, Great Britain, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Canada, Brazil, in the Maldives), in the tourist cruise business, leading airlines of the world, in tourist complexes of the Middle East. Most of them started their own business, not even always connected with tourism. However, the graduates of the faculty, Volodymyr Velykochii find themselves a place in this complex life, create jobs for themselves and for others. According to the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Prof. Volodymyr Velykochii is due to annual training of students of the faculty in such countries as Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Croatia, USA, Canada and others.

 “That is reason why influential international structures suggest cooperation, because we have much to share with the world,” – Volodymyr Velykochii said.